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About the History of JAJA

 The Japan Agricultural Journalists’ Association (JAJA) is an independent organization of those journalists, communicators, and researchers engaged in reporting and commenting on agriculture and food. The Association aims at grasping the true status of agriculture both in and out of Japan through the exchange of information and views. Founded in 1956 on the initiative of those journalists interested in agriculture, JAJA has more than 200 membership in 2003. JAJA joined the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) as an associate member in 1970, and became a full member in 1988.



 Workshops for study selecting a new theme approximately once every three months, it are held inviting specialists. Contents of the studies are compiled to the official quarterly booklet, titled “The Trend of Agriculture in Japan.”

The Agricultural Journalists Award

Every year since 1986, JAJA has officially commended some prominent reports by the agricultural journalists.


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